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Surf weekend in Bali: don’t let the weather to wreck it!

Weather in Bali can make your surf weekend in Bali amazing or boring. Bali is located close to equator, so the weather here is almost the same during a year. But if you stay here in two different seasons (there are two of them: wet and dry) you will definitely feel some changes. Since Bali is located in the Southern Hemisphere, the winter and summer here are reversed. So December is the first day of summer and May is the end of autumn.

Climate in Bali

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If you are not used to tropical heat, the best time for surf weekend in Bali will be from May till October (dry season). Humidity is lower as well and you can catch some fresh air. Temperature is a little bit lower than during wet season and is approx. 26-28°C, water is about 27°C. If you have surfing in your plans you should know that in the morning water feels cold so don’t forget about thin wetsuit otherwise your surfing session will end up before its start. But of course it’s individual. During dry season it hardly rains and most of that times it doesn’t last for long. As a benefit you can see rainbow after that. Don’t forget to bring over a jumper or a jacket with you because sometimes during night time, especially when you’re driving on a scooter, it feels like +15°C . The most funny thing that driving in the midday when the sun is hot you will see a lot of locals driving in their jackets, long sleeves, jeans and even gloves.

Погода Бали во влажный сезон, кратковременный дождь

After dry season comes the wet season or local summer. In October temperature grows up to 34°C. Humidity grows up as well and times it’s up to 100%. During this season it’s getting extremely hot sometimes so even a thought about warm clothes will make you feel sick. Water in the ocean gets hotter as well but some people find its temperature very comfortable. Air temperature during the night in wet season is equal temperature during the daytime in dry. Yes, you don’t have to take care about jumpers and jackets but instead of cold your surf weekend will be partly rainy. It’s not like in India or Vietnam when it’s pissing down rain for weeks but still can change your plans for the next couple hours few days a week. On the plus side most of the times it happens in night time that make your bed even more comfortable. And even a short rain feel refresh the air end your mind. Weather in Bali dictates its fashion rules: don’t forget a raincoat because you will look weird here if you take umbrella.

Surf weekend vs volcanoes

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Bali is an island of Indonesia that has 147 volcanoes. Bali is not an exception. The highest volcano is Agung (3014 metres or 9888 ft above the sea level). If you are going to conquer this peak, be ready for some surprises. The weather in Bali around an top of volcanoes is unpredictable, temperature can be about 15°C or even lower. So make sure you are prepared for this mission. Don’t believe everything that you can hear from mass media – volcano hasn’t erupted yet. so fee free to come over for a surf weekend to Bali!

So summing up everything about weather in Bali, there is endless summer in Bali anyway. Just sometimes it feels in different ways. There is no bad weather and all seasons have its pluses and minuses. Every day here is full of joy and happiness no matter what. Just check a trustful forecast website before making any plans.

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