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Surf vacations and balinese spa: massage, body scrub and other treatments

Balinese spa is one of the parts surf vacations in Bali. And it’s not just because it helps you to relax, but most important that spa here has its own unique traditions, especially the world famous massage. There are more over than hundreds different spa centres and retreats of different levels from budget to luxury. The prices start from approx. $6 USD per hour for the whole body massage but sometimes it’s not worth any cent. Places like this are coated almost from a metre from each other and you’ll always be invited by local ladies. If you want to spoil yourself and go to real spa (that includes more than just a massage) you can find a lot of expensive places where you can spend all day and leave a lot of money for different procedures. Normally it includes some bath tubes with healing herbs, different massages, hot stone therapy, aromatherapy, facial masks with using only natural cosmetics.

Spa traditions in Bali

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Spa traditions here are based, first of all, on the esotorecism, on belief in the harmony between body and soul. Traditional Balinese massage is a mix of classic massage, acupuncture and aromatherapy. That works on your blood circulation,  lymphatic drainage, helps to get rid of muscles tension, fully relax and forget about your daily problems. The method of this massage is connected to energy circulation, so if you feel depressed and exhausted – you definitely should try it at least once! One of local traditions is a massage with volcano hot stones, that are believed to have healing powers. After proper traditional Balinese massage you get a body scrub, that is made of coconut meat and turmeric. After all they cover your body with a nutritious rice mask. In the end you will fully relax in a bathtub with roses leaves. For sure it is better to try it during your surf vacations once than to hear one hundred times!

Another very interesting treatment is called Gemulai Penari, that consists of 4 parts: head massage, body massage that reminds traditional dancing under sounds of Balinese orchestra Gamelan, then you get lulu ran peeling, that made of rice and turmeric and all of that ends up with a milk-flower bath tube!

Спа на Бали. Лучший массаж на Бали

Are you getting married or want to feel yourself like a bride? Try Lulur – Javanese ritual for princesses within 40 days before the wedding ceremony. You will get a massage with coconut oil, luluran peeling, fruit body wrap and hot bathtub with herbs. Javanese girls believe that it will give you anti-aging effect for a long time.

If you want to try something completely new, try ayurvedic procedures, the most popular of them are are Shirodhara and Chakra Dhara. Specially trained therapist with a deep spiritual sense makes ayurvedic massage, referring to main energy centres – chakras or on the main one Shirodhara (forehead area), when therapist drips warm oil on your forehead’s energy channel.

The main advantage of Balinese spa is using natural products like herbs, oils, fruits. Here you can find oils made of sandalwood, lemongrass, frangipani, jasmine, pandan; creams made with avocado, coconut, papaya, spirulina and other algae bases. Here you can wrap your self in chocolate, milk coffee, tea, ginger, vanilla and a lot of other things depends on what you need for your body! It’s so popular here and if you want to visit really good spa you should book an appointment (sometimes 1 week before your visit).

Surf vacations and luxury Balinese spa centres and retreats

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The most famous and deluxe spa centres are part of spa retreats. You will get high level treatments with a splendid island view! For example, there are few retreats on the West side of Bali, that are located on mountains with ocean view, in Ubud you can find places with tropical jungles view and rivers. These beauty centres are like true heaven for girls, on its territories you will find everything you need for your body: massages, yoga classes, gym, restaurants with organic food, swimming pools with mineral water, sauna, jacuzzi etc. Yu can come there for simple procedures for a few hours or book a room there for the whole period of your holidays in Bali. Be ready that prices for 3 hours sometimes can be about $1000 USD but you won’t regret. These are one of the most popular spa where you can go when having surf vacations:

Simple spas

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Even if these Balinese spa are located not by luxury retreats, they still can impress you by level of their service, interior design and quality of cosmetics they use. In some spas they use home made products, that are not worse than luxury analogs. Places like that are more comfortable and cheaper. You will find a lot in Ubud, because Ubud is spiritual centre of Bali and people pay a lot attention to mind and body. You can get same services but ten times cheaper, for example, hour of whole body Balinese massage can cost you about $12-15 USD, with some additional procedures you will pay $30-50 USD total. Here are some of them:

Bali is magical place and spa is part of surf vacations. After one visit you will feel your self full of energy and positive vibes. It’s useful for not only your mind, but your body and health as well. Let your mind relax after day-by-day problems. And of course it’s the best idea to go to spa after surfing session! But be careful – once you try Balinese spa, you will always want one more time and then another one and maybe one more? : )

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