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How to find best surf camp in Bali?

It’s hard to choose best surf camp in Bali, when there are so many options around! But it’s also very important to pick up a right one, otherwise your holidays can be partly (or even fully) destroyed.  Someone would say that they don’t care too much because they’re not coming to Bali just to sit in a room all day. But a surf camp is not just an accommodation, it’s your provider to surfing, your guide and your friends for the certain period of time and even longer. So what does best surf camp in Bali consist of and how to choose one? Let’s figure it out!

Best surf camp in Bali – what to start with?


best surf camp in Bali

This is the first point you should pay attention to. A camp can look amazing, sinking in green tropics away from cars and bikes, but also far away from the ocean. Or close to the ocean, but far away from surf spots for beginners. Anyway, you will spend more time en route, than enjoying the island and surfing itself. Best surf camp in Bali should be located close enough to the ocean, and in between surf spots of all the levels – from beginners up to advanced.  Even if the nearest spot to your camp is too much for you, it’s always good just to come down, have a coconut and feel this atmosphere and get inspired for further achievements!


best surf camp Canggu

Even if you are going to spend as much time outside as possible, sooner or later you will have to go back to your room at least to have some sleep and shower. If a room is dirty and there is no hot water, you won’t be so enthusiastic about coming there no matter how tired you are. And without few hours of rest you still will be tired for further adventures.  If you don’t want to turn your vacation into a challenge, make sure that every room has AC, hot water, wi-fi and cleaning at least few times a week. Maybe some of you don’t even need internet or hot water, but it still shows the quality of service. A good surf camp in Bali should provide few types of rooms, starting from shared rooms and up to luxury ones. So you can choose what exactly you expect from your holidays and follow your own budget. If you want to save your money and have a little bit more fun shared rooms are the best. If you like your own space and need to work from time to time – any other options are good.


surf camps in Bali

Just imagine: you wake up in a nice and comfortable room, take hot shower before breakfast, open a door and see… dirty territory with rubbish on the ground and few trees around. Or you would prefer small green oasis, soft grass, lush garden and birds singing on trees around you? Yes, maybe you won’t spend a lot of time enjoying it, but it feels way more nice! And the best surf camp in Bali, beside all of above, will definitely have its own swimming pool and restaurant just to make sure, that anything you need will be within few steps from your room!


you lesson at a surf camp

A surf camp is basically just a combination of accommodation and surf lessons, best surf camp in Bali always will offer something more than basics. Have you ever camped with your friends back in the days when you were just a kid or a teen? Ideal camping is always full of different daily activities, so by night time all you want is just to lay down to get ready for the next day. So why do minimize daily activities at a surf camp down to surfing? Bali is also well-known for yoga, diving, waterfalls, temples, volcanoes and hundreds of other things to do!

Surf instructors

best surf camp in Bali

If you choose stay at a surf camp, means you are ready to dedicate time to surfing. Maybe, after all, you will decide that surfing is not your sport, but it should be your own decision, not just a negative impression. A surf instructor is a person, whose job is to show you surfing the way it is, let you feel the ocean and emotions surfing gives.  And all of above won’t be possible if your guru don’t follow safety rules.  Surfing is fun, but safety is the number one priority.

Administration and staff

surf camp administration

It’s the last but not the least ‘ingredient’ of a good camp. First of all, they are responsible for services you paid for. Transfers, excursions, clean and tidy room and its facilities, tranquil outdoors area and safety. A friendly, nice and helpful administrator is a face of any hotel and camp. A grumpy and always-busy-for-you administrator can spoil most of your holiday time, because you just won’t feel yourself comfortable being next to him or her. Also administrators are responsible for informing you about schedule changes and surf lessons. The rest of the staff is people who always surround you and make your vacation better or worse.

If all of the elements mentioned can be found in one place – congratulations, you found the best surf camp in Bali! Time to pack and start to countdown days left till good times!

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