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How to extend your Indonesia surf trip and find a job in Bali?

The island of Gods is getting more and more popular among tourists and people, who want to make Indonesia surf trip or/and move to Bali. If you google ‘job in Bali’ you will get about 22 800 000 results. For some people this island is a dream destination, but to make this dream come true you need money, therefor you need to find a source of money. Of course, if you have a business in your country or was born lucky, you start asking yourself how to find a job. It’s not so simple, but possible, the key points is how much you want it and what can you contribute to your future employer.

First of all, be realistic about your skills, make sure you have some savings and understand, that to get job in Bali is like casino – you can win, you can lose and never know till you try. So get ready to rodeo and hold on! Believe in yourself,  don’t give up and you will be a winner! To help you to achieve your dreams in this article we would like to talk about more popular professions on the island and about details you should know.

The things you should know about before your long-time Indonesia surf trip

работа на Бали

  • Any work in a foreign country means an infringement of the rights and opportunities of local residents. For reducing amount of migrants and compensate the losses for residents, to work overseas everyone has to get an official work permit. Temprorary work permit in Bali is called KITAS. It is an invitation of the sponsoring organization to work in for them in a certain position. This type visa of visa you can get yourself. If you are caught working in Bali without this permission, you will face an imposing fine and subsequent deportation. So if you want to make and plan your Indonesia surf trip propery, look only for legal ways!
  • Some people come to Bali and say that they are keen for any kind of job: as a bartender, waiter, vet, chef etc. Of course, the range of services is impressive. But more sounds like a person, who doesn’t have any relevant experience that sending a desperate SOS signal. Concentrate on what you know and can do best, what you really like and interested it. After all, “If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else”.

What is your future job in Bali can be?

Of course, this list is not completed, because nothing stands still, but the basic must-have professions you will find below. For some professions, your only advantage will be the greatest talent and luck.

Surf instructor

Indonesia surf trip

Let’s start from the most popular thing in Bali – surfing. Also it’s perfect for those, who is about to have not their first Indonesia surf trip. Most tourists at least once tried surfing, of course, even not all of beginners decide to continue, it is not so significant for surf industry on the island. The simplest and legal option is to find a registered surf school or camp, where you will be provided with KITAS and you won’t have to look for clients by yourself. Less simple and less legal option – to work independently as a freelancer, your salary will depend only on how many clients you will find using social media.

Anyway, first of all you should have at least few years of experience, and the more languages you speak the better. And the most important thing to remember that surf instructor is not only surf skills, but a great responsibility for students first of all!

Other jobs in surf camps and schools

Surf camps and schools are consist not only of instructors, but also administrative staff – administrator is always like the face of any company. And some ‘behind the scene’ people, who do a job to support the business from the background. They cooperate with each other and other organizations, so it is important to have some communicative skills. For those who have to contact with local staff and people, would be a great advantage to speak Indonesian, it helps to reach the goals faster and more effective, avoiding misunderstanding.

Yoga Instructor / Spiritual Teacher

The second popular job in Bali, also will be good combination during Indonesia surf trip. Bali is well known as the island of self-exploration and spirituality, so many people come here to connect to their higher selves, open all 7 chakras and cleanse aura, yoga instructors are always needed. The island has a sufficient number of yoga centers, courses for all levels of “yogis” and “yoginis”, so if you are a certificated instructors you will have a lot of opportunities and possibilities.

Photo- and videographer

Another common job in Bali, so be prepared for a great competition. However, if you really can see  the beauty and uniqueness through camera lens, you will be noticed immediately. If you are not so experienced, start taking photos or making videos on a TFP basis, so you can fill up your portfolio, boost your skills and get recommendations. If you are good with using drones – you won a lottery ticket. Just enjoy Indonesia surf trip and take photos of it!

Diving instructor

job in bali

Diving in Bali is not a rare thing anymore, so the number of diving schools is increasing very fast, that means that more staff needed. A lot of schools are international, so they prefer international instructors as well. You need a diver’s certificate -without it no one will even look at your application. Fluent English and other foreign languages, especially French (a lot of diving centres are French) will help you to find a job of your dreams faster. KITAS is provided.


Teachers of  English, Spanish, mathematics, piano, vocal or anything else are always needed by expats, who take care about education of their kids or just want to study for themselves. You can give lessons on a private basis, the only thing you should do is to find your students, that is easier to do using social media. Or you can be a teacher in a language school on a constant basis. But this job easy to get only if you have relevant experience  With private lessons, everything is the same – tracking social networks, developing your customer base and working not only for money, but also for your reputation. 

Real estate agent

This job in Bali is both simple and not same time. Responsibilities: market research of real estate in Bali, find villas, apartments, negotiate prices with its owners. Step number 2 – to find customers, put your commission ot top of original price and make a deal with them. Nothing special, except nego the original price at the first place. You will need to have a good real estate listing,that is pretty much means travelling around the island and looking for a good villa or sitting in the internet for same purposes. Get ready that it is very competitive market in Bali, so you should think about unique services for your customers, that will make your business special and better. Not the easiest job in Bali, but if you know how to do that it will be easy, because villas are one ofthe most popular types of accommondation in Bali. 

Online jobs

The easiest and safest option how to make money, doing Indonesia surf trip but not being bound to particular place. Who are you? Blogger, SMM manager, web designer, graphic designer, translator or even a call center operator – doesn’t matter! It only depends on your abilities. A good laptop, fast Internet and quiet and working atmosphere  for concentration – and you can work and make money wherever you want enjoying the island 🙂

Let’s sum up. If you have motivation, you will break any walls (not the walls of  local laws, of course) and find a job in Bali sooner. And remember that everything you think about, here in Bali, becomes your reality sooner or later. So think positive, because your life will move in the direction of your most dominant thoughts and move in the direction of your thoughts, because the sleeping fox catches no chickens.. Good luck!

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