Surfing twice a day – get extra surf session a day for the price of usual package


Summer holiday is around the corner! If you decide to go on a surf holiday to learn to surf or improve your surf skills, there are many benefits that you’ll get. Not only to the student, but also the coach who is determined to help you succeed and realize your goals.

Over the years, we have met many students who came to day-surf schools and day-lessons to learn to surf before heading off to some beautiful destination for a holiday. Whilst you can learn the basics of surfing and then practice during a week of free surfing, it won’t result in flawless technique because you’ll get no feedback from a surf coach and eventually slows down your progress as a surfer. An intensive week long of surfing with the proper coaching will benefit you greatly as a surfer on all levels.

It’s world known that Bali is one of the paradises on earth where you can go on an extensive range of adventures, especially for surfing. Time to book your intensive surf lessons at WAVE HOUSE —a premium surf camp that will offer you comfortable accommodation of bed and breakfast with ultimate tropical ambience to spoil you with good summer vibes, newly elevated in house cafe with scrumptious healthy selections and TWICE SURF LESSON A DAY special for this June – July with FREE photos and videos from your lessons!

Special offer is valid for new booking only and only for intermediate surfers.

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