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One day with Wave House surf camp Canggu

Most people who is going to Wave House surf camp Canggu often ask us “What is like one day in your surf camp?” or “Will I have more free time or I will be more involved in some daily activities?”. We give the answers for all the questions in this article, so you won’t be confused about what a day in the surf camp is like.

surf camp Canggu

Morning in the surf camp Canggu

The best way to spend your morning is surfing, for sure. Sometimes we go surfing in the morning, sometimes in the evening – it depends on swell, tide and wind. Check a schedule and you’ll find out what time you will go surfing.  Perfect time for surfing is morning, because it’s not so windy. So, for example, if you have a theory lesson at 9 am, it means you will go to practice at 9.30-10 am for approximately 2,5 hours. After every lesson we will discuss results of every student and explain mistakes. A lesson can take longer time due to traffic jams, but anyway by the lunch time you will be free. Sometimes we go surfing at 5-6 am, so you’ll have all the day ahead of you. If surf is pumping, it will mean you will save your time on transport and will have more time for yourself after a session!

We don’t do surf lessons every day, and you can take a day off from surfing if you want. Days like this are perfect time to go to excursions around the island with our surf camp Canggu. You will leave the surf camp at 9 am with your friends and experienced guide from Bali and will come back later in the evening.  The only thing you will have to do is to decide where you would like to go to. Bali is not only the island of 1000 temples, Bali is the island of 1000 things to do.  Join us for snorkeling, diving, rafting or paragliding. If you want to see islands around Bali, we will help to organize 2-3 days trip for you to the Gili Islands or Nusa Lembongan.


chilling in surf camp

You will enjoy every hour in our surf camp Canggu: there is a cafe with delicious meals, 2 swimming pools, you can order a massage or listen to a lecture about surfing. So if you’re tired after surfing, you won’t have to look for food or entertainment outside, you can get everything at “home”. If you don’t want to walk or ride a motorbike, feel free to ask our administrator for a push bike and go exploring in the area.

Nearby places to the surf camp Canggu:

  • Berawa beach is just 5 min walking distance
  • Western supermarket, restaurants are just 5 min walking distance
  • 7 min walking distance there is a fitness center with swimming pool, tennis court, bowling and aqua park in the Canggu Club. All of this is free for our guest who stay with us at our surf camp.
  • 5 min drive to Batu Bolong and Echo beach.
  • 5 min drive to yoga center Desa Seni (highly recommended)
  • Shopping area is located in Seminyak, that is just 15 min taxi drive from the camp

At least once a week we organize free excursions to the beaches of Bali for those who had a surf lesson in the morning.  On the beach days we go to the places, where the water is calm and you can go for a swim. In the afternoon we go to Tanah Lot temple or Uluwatu, both of these places are perfect for sunset. You can watch traditional Balinese dance the Kecak in Uluwatu as well.


Evening in the surf camp 

It gets dark in Bali very early, around 6.30 pm. You should wake up early if you want to see more places, do more things and don’t miss the sunset at the same time. Watching the sunset at one of beach clubs with some nice music became a tradition here in Bali. Evenings in surf camp Canggu are very cozy: you can have dinner at the Wave House café, talk to your friends, play activity games like “Alias” or watch a movie.

If you want to go out or listen to live music, you will be surprised by the variety of the choices. The nearest party places are Deus and Old Man’s, where you can listen to live music early and a DJ will play later in the night, and play  beer pong competition every Wednesday night at Old Man’s. There are beach parties at Sand bar, Echo Beach. The center of night life is in Kuta and Seminyak, in just 15-30 min drive from the camp. If you are not sure about where to go, feel free to ask us for some tips! 

volcano in Bali

Last but not least our best thing we have to offer you! Surfing is one of the best ways to spend the morning, because the excursions we do is the best way to spend the evening, night and the morning as well. Climbing Mount Batur in Bali is perfect for those, who love adventure, activity and nature. You leave the Wave House surf camp at 2 am, arrive at the start of the hiking trail at 4am. Then in less than two hours of hiking  you will get to witness the sunrise from top of the world! There is seriously nothing better than sitting on the mountain, watching breathtaking sunrise and realising that there is a full day ahead with amazing start like this.

Every day in the surf camp is different: so many activities to fulfil your day along with some freedom to relax as well. Every day schedule is up to you, but we do our best to make sure your holidays here are brighter and more productive. Our surf camp Canggu will teach you how to surf and show you around the best places in Bali! Come and join our team and you’ll get the best holiday in Bali you could have ever imagined!

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