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Surf holidays and gift ideas for surfers: accessories, equipment and other presents for all budgets

Surf holidays are coming, but you still have no idea how to make your surfer friend or soulmate happy? If your answer is “No” – you definitely should read this article. We have picked out the best gift ideas for surfers, based on your budget and variations of your friend’s interests.

Presents for 30$ and less

surf hoidays

  • Wax & wax remover (5$) — very simple, but always useful gift. The price for wax is extremely cheap (about 3$), so if you don’t want to look scabby just get a few packs.
  • Sunscreen or zinc (from 5$) — must have for surf holidays, who want to enjoy the sun and waves but keep their skin healthy and looking youthful.
  • Tail Pad (from 15$) — very practical and functal element of a surfboard.
  • Movies and books about surfing (from 10$) — if you’re currently in Bali (or enjoying other surf destinations), it will be pretty easy for you to find a good movie or book about surfing in shops like Rip Curl, Billabong etc. No doubts it’s one of the cheap and great gift ideas for surfers. If you’re far away from ocean just purchase it using on-line shops. The most legendary movies: Endless Summer 1,2; Step Into Liquid; Riding Giants; Point Break, Soul Surfer and Blue moon. The most popular books: «The Encyclopedia of Surfing», «The Surfboard», «The History of Surfing», «Surfing: The Manual: Advanced»
  • Surf magazines (from 10$) — you can always find one in surf shops or in supermarkets, if you live around the ocean
  • Playstation games (from 10$) — games vary depending on the type of your friend’s or soulmate’s playstation. For example the good old one “Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer” (2002) is friendly with GameCube, PS2, Xbox, “Transworld Surf” (2001) for Xbox, PS2 and GameCube, skate game “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater” (2015) is good for PS4, PS3, XONE, X360. This present will brighten up the day when there are no waves, but get ready – your friend probably will be to busy for you ; )

presents for surfers

Surf accessories from 30$ to 100$

  • FCS straps for securing the surfboard to the roof of a car (from 40$) —  thing #1 for those, who are going on a surf trip. Protects your board from falling down and helps to free up more space inside the car.
  • Leash (from 30$) — if you don’t surf, perhaps, you can think ‘What for? He already got one’. But in the cruel world of surfing no leashes last forever. One of the worst things that can happen when you catching waves one by one is to snap your leash without having a just-in-case leash on you. But everything changes when you know that you do have a spare one. And you will never forget the person who made this present for you and literally saved your day!
  • Boardshorts / bikini (from 30$) – find out the right size and problem solved! Something that’s always necessary, especially if you are thinking about present for a girl.
  • Sport backpack (from 50$) — the backpack that will be best friends with these items: spare leash, wax, zinc cream, wetsuit and other stuff for surfing. Please note, it’s a SPORT backpack (like Oakley, Billabong, Nixon, Dakine etc), that’s more spacious, functional and water resistance.
  • Reef booties (about 45$, you can find cheaper ones, but get ready for some consequences ) — your friend likes extreme surfing on reef breaks?  Don’t hesitate and get a pair of reef booties, it’s also keep the feet warm in cold water. If you don’t want your friend to get hurt, buy reef booties only made by famous brands!
  • Speaker (from 50$) — really good thing during surf holidays, using just a laptop or a smartphone, with a speaker you can turn this stuff into your own portable cinema or music system
  • Rash vests (from 50$) — protects the skin from rash and sun burns. A lot of guys and girls use cotton t-shirts, but it will hardly protect you from the sun and rash.

gift ideas for a surfer

Gift ideas for surfers from 100$

  • Fins – set of 3 fins will cost you minimum 100$. The most popular brands are FCS and Futures. Don’t forget to look at your friend’s surfboard to find out what type of fins suit it.
  • Balance board (140$) — the best of gift ideas for surfers who just started to learn or live far away from the ocean. The less money you’ll spend on this useful toy, the worst quality you’ll get – you’ll see it at the first sight.
  • Rip Curl Search GPS watches (125$) — this little thing can track your surf, record your fastest speed, distance and waves caught. Also you can sync that information to the Rip Curl App or website to mark your location on the map, see your progress and results on charts. Let your friend be like Alana Blanchard or Gabriel Medina!
  • Proper sunglasses (from 100$) – like Oakley, Otis or Ray Ban. These sunnies will protect eyes from the sun and will be a good accessory.
  • Go Pro cam (200$-400$) — very good option to show how much your love your friend/soulmate
  • Longboard/cruiser (from 150$) — pretty helpful addition to surfboard. Helps to improve your surfing skills and save money on petrol for a motorbike. The choice of skateboards is very wide, so we recommend you to read about the differences before you go to the shop.
  • Wetsuit (from 200$) – a little bit hard to pick up the right size, so if your friend has an old one, don’t forget to bring it to the shop
  • The most expensive and amazing gift – book a surf trip to Bali! And if you really want to immerse into the world of surfing – our surf camps in Canggu and Balian are waiting for you!

So what stuff can be good as a present for surf holidays?

что купить для серфера

Now you have a lot of gift ideas for surf holidays on your choice and budget! So there are options for you in brief:

  1. For Tech & Gadget Lovers playstation games for low budget, and Go Pro or Rip Curl Search GPS watches if you’re ready to spend a little bit more
  2. For those who are nuts about surfing – something that surfers use really often, like wax, zinc, leash, pad, fins, backpack, wetsuit etc. Your choice is just limited by your fantasy and budget.
  3. If your friend likes to be in style no matter what he does — sunnies, boardshorts, bikinis and other thing you can find at clothes shop.
  4. If you’re not sure about anything above – don’t tease yourself and get a certificate, that you can purchase at the most of surf shops. The best thing about that – you can spend any amount you can afford from 50$ to 1000$.



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