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How to find good surf instructor in Bali?

How to find a good surf instructor in Bali among such an abundance of offers? Any teaching process requires certain skills, especially when it comes to surfing. Not every pro surfer can provide proper lessons, because surf instructor is not just a person who can surf, but a surfer who can share his knowledge to you, no matter of what your level is.

A good surf instructor in Bali – how to find “the one”?

ISA certificate

сертификат серф-инструктора

ISA is International Surfing Association, the official organization with systematized rules and policy. This paperwork is a proof that there is a professional with good teaching skills. To get such the ISA certificate, a person must undergo a training course (including first aid) and pass an exam. To some people it can seem to be too formality, but would you go  to a doctor who does not have a diploma? 🙂

Agreement and insurance for a lesson

The presence of these two things, insurance and a well-qualified instructor, indicates a serious commitment to your safety and overall well-being. However, choosing to cut costs in these areas can be a risky decision.

Local hospital services can be very expensive if you don’t have insurance coverage, and standard policies may not always include surfing-related incidents. It’s crucial not to be swayed by arguments that the waves are small or that no insurance is needed just because you’re with an ‘experienced’ instructor. The truth is, accidents can happen unexpectedly, and even the most experienced instructors cannot guarantee 100% control over all circumstances.

In the unfortunate event of an accident, an instructor who hasn’t prioritized insurance coverage may distance themselves from any responsibility.

However, having a signed agreement and insurance in place ensures that any situation will be properly addressed with the instructor’s assistance.


Schedule and lessons

surf instructor in Bali

A professional surf instructor in Bali knows all about tide chart, details of the current swell and waves at different surf spots around. Only based on the whole information about ocean conditions, will make a schedule and pick up the best spots and time for your level.

You won’t get any positive experience on waves of the wrong size, but will waste your money and time. It’s also very risky for your health and even life. The instructor, of course, can’t make waves better, but he has to know best time and place to go and make the whole process of surfing as good as it possible. A surf instructor in Bali  is a person who can be entrusted with their safety rules and with quality of your holiday (we mean its surfing). Very important does a person has a theoretical part and a photo/video analysis after a lesson. The theory is important for general presentation of surfing, visual analysis helps to look at yourself from the outside.


There is a cliche that all surfers look same: a tall pumped-up guy with long blond hair, a tanned torso and with a couple of tattoos at least. We won’t disappoint anyone – in many cases it is true. Plus from the surfers comes some special vibes – you will feel it straight away. This applies to surfers in general, and the teachers are distinguished by their strict view, since to this general hobby they have their own particular, more theoretical approach to surfing. They look at the waves, first of all, from the point of view of safety for their students. Instructors look more serious and concentrated.

Students reviews

They should exist at the first place in principle, if there is none – it’s not a good sign. Won’t be a crime if among the positive feedback you will find a couple of negative ones, but they should not concern violations of safety rules or rudeness. It can happen if a person after the lesson evaluates it negative, because suddenly it turned out that surfing is not for him or her.In this case no matter how hard the instructor has tried out. Also, not all are eager to share good impressions, but the feedback with the minus sign does not make itself to wait.

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