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Surf trip Bali during a wet season

It’s a common delusion that spending surf trip Bali during a wet season is just a waste of time. The truth is that you can have surf trip Bali all year round, just in different spots. Check the swell, wind direction and you will find at least one spot for your level.

Wet season and its rains start in November-December, when  wind direction changes from eastern to western, making west coast of Bali not surf able. Wave quality directly depends on wind direction. If wind is onshore waves become choppy, if it’s offshore wind slows down the waves from fast breaking and surf is gets better. But if you are keen to wake early and/or there is no wind you still can catch a couple of waves on the west coast. Therefore if wind direction is bad for west coast it will be good for east coast of Bali.

Let’s see what spots during wet season will make your surf trip Bali unforgetable.

Surf trip Bali during a wet season – where to go?

Green Bowl, Green Balls

споты бали

This spot is located on the south of island at the bottom of a high cliff. You can check the waves from the parking area above, so you won’t have to go down the 200 stairs. Green Bowl is a reef break with a good right hander wave. This spot is good for absolutely different sizes of swell when it’s low or mid tide. be careful with rip tides and get ready to paddle out so you won’t get stuck in one of them. In the morning when it’s no wind you can catch some perfect glassy waves.

Waves: right
Swell direction: S, SW
Swell size: 2-8 ft
Bottom: reef
Best tide: low or mid
Wind: N, NW, NE
Be careful: rip tides, rocks

Timbis (Pandawa beach)

Сёрф-споты Бали

If you turn to the left right before Green bowl you will turn up to the road that lead to amazing Timbis (Pandawa) beach. You will see parking area with a lot of warungs, and right in front of them there is a channel that will help you to get to a surf spot with a good left wave. There’s a right wave as well, but it’s shorter than left one. Waves here are only for experienced surfers, definitely not for beginners. Be careful with a lateral flow which carries you away from the channel towards the place where a wave breaks.

Waves: few peaks, lefts (longer) and rights
Swell direction: SE
Swell size: 4-8 ft
Bottom: reef, rocks
Best tide: mid or high
Wind: N, NW
Be careful: rip tides, rocks

Geger beach

серф споты на Бали

This spot is also famous as “hidden paradise” and not far away from Bali Golf club in Nusa Dua. Get ready to paddle out (about 20 mins) to line up or to pay for a boat that will cost you 20k IDR each way. Geger beach is unique, because when it’s flat around, this spot works, when there is swell on other spots – in Geger it’s 1,5-2 times bigger. There is no localism, but if it happens you always have opportunity to change to a different peak.

Waves: few peaks, fast lefts and rights
Swell direction: 
Swell size: 
2-8+ ft
Best tide: 
any, but high tide is better
Be careful: 
sharp rocks

Nusa Dua

серфинг на бали

There are many different waves here with a few peaks — Blackstone and Mushroom rock. A perfect spot when the swell is pumping.  You won’t be disappointed by its powerful right hand wave and some great tube sections. When it’s flat Nusa Dua becomes a good place to learn to surf in Bali.

Waves: 2 waves, few peaks, right wave with tube sections
Swell direction: SW, S, SE, E
Swell size: 3-12 ft
Bottom: reef
Best tide: mid or high
Wind: NW, W
Be careful: rip tides, sharp rocks

Sri Lanka

где серфить на бали

To the north from Nusa Dua on this spot you will find small left wave, perfect for having some fun. There is a channel that you can easily find, that means its not hard at all to get to line up, especially when it’s low tide. But if the surf is pumping this small left turns into a good tubing wave.

Waves: left wave when small that turns into a tube when swell is big
Swell direction: SE
Swell size: 3-10 ft
Bottom: reef
Best tide: mid or high
Wind: NW
Be careful: rocks


серф спот Серанган

Some time ago Serangan was a secret spot, where you can only get there by boat. But as soon as the bridge was built, this spot has become very popular. Waves are good for all the levels of surfers. There are 3 peaks, each has its own right and left waves. When swell is big sets are coming one by one with overhead waves, so make sure that you are going to ride the right surfboard. After surf session you can go to local warungs on the beach to eat some food, chill on sun beds or get a massage.

Waves: 3 peaks, lefts and rights for different levels of surfers
Swell direction: SW
Swell size: 2-15 ft
Bottom: reef
Best tide: any tide
Wind: W, SW
Be careful: rip tides, rocks


серфинг во время сезона дождей

Sanur surf spot is located in front of Grand Hyatt hotel, far away from the shore, so it’s better to get there by boat. A fast long wave (up to 100 metres) rights that will never disappoint you. But the spot works only with big swells. if you see overhead in Sanur it means that it’s twice bigger at Nusa Dua. Waves are fast with long sections when it’s on the low tide.

Waves: right

Swell direction: S, SE, E

Swell size: 6-15 ft
Bottom: reef
Best tide: mid or high
Wind: W, NW
Be careful: rocks and localism


surf trip bali

The furthest surf spot from Kuta, but it’s worth it. Keramas is a world class right, that’s why this place takes international surf competitions. When the big swell comes, the waves are huge that can create a strong rip tide. This place is loved by australians, who have come there a long time ago, and locals.

Waves: powerful lefts and rights
Swell direction: S, SW
Swell size: 2-12 ft
Bottom: flat reef
Best tide: mid or high
Wind: NW
Be careful: rip tides, localism and shallow

But always check surf forecast beforehand just to make sure you won’t miss some waves on the west coast, if you live nearby. Have fun with you surf trip Bali!

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