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Surf Bali adventure without damage to your skin: true story of zinc

Admit that when you had surf Bali adventure for the first time, did not think “Why do they apply a thick layer of sunscreen on skin?”. And then you take your first surf lesson and realize that this “thick layer of sunscreen” was just a surf zinc. But why surfers prefer surf zinc as a sunblock? The reason why and what is the difference between surf zinc and regular sun spray with SPF you will find out after reading this article.

Surf Bali adventure vs regular sun protection

sunscreens for surfers

First of all, we would like to make it clear, that not all the sun creams and lotions are full of chemicals, it is only about a wide range of mass market products, presented in stores. But fortunately, since everything that is “organic” and “chemical free” has become trendy, you can find natural sunscreens in organic shops. But about natural sunscreens we will talk a little bit later.

How does it work:

After you apply it to your skin, the skin begins to actively absorb chemical elements that react with ultraviolet. Thus, in fact, this kind of sunblock protects your skin from being in your skin. These suncreams or lotions are based on using chemical filters.


  • Your skin is protected from the sun for approx. 1-1,5 hours without reapplication (it’s what advertising says, but experience shows, that it works for 60 minutes max.)
  • Invisible on the skin, which is excellent for fans of beach photos
  • Relatively cheap prices, that’s good if your surf Bali adventure is limited by budget
  • It’s easy to wash off, sometimes it goes off itself according to the first point


  • There are 17 approved chemical elements used in production, 15 (!!!) of them are hormonal and have a negative effect on your endocrine system
  • A number of studies have shown that even with one-day use of such creams, within two days of the results of blood tests (and not only blood), you can identify some of the chemical elements contained in the cream
  • You have to apply a sunscreen within 20-25 mins before you go to the beach
  • May cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction
  • Some scientists believe that using of this sun protection can also lead to oncological diseases. Prolonged interaction between some chemical elements and sunlight is a main cause of releasing free radicals, that is more dangerous than to have your skin unprotected

What are free radicals?

A free radical is a molecule with an unpaired electron with an ability to attach one single electron. That is exactly why free radicals easily enter in chemical reactions – there is always a vacant space for the second electron. Our body produces free radicals on its own, but only the certain amount that’s necessary for body functioning. Radicals are necessary to maintain the most important hormones at the proper level, to kill bacteria and viruses and to participate in energy producing. When the level of free radicals is normal, the body is able to control its activity and quantity.

As soon as a level of free radicals start increasing from external causes, the situation goes out of control, the body is stressed, the immune system tries to get rid of unwelcome guests. When mission is impossible for immune system, and your body gives up, various diseases are coming, such as kidney failure, disease and oncology. Antioxidants help keeping free radicals under control, so remember, that vegetables, fruits and zinc are full of antioxidants.

Surf Bali adventure vs zinc and other physical sunscreens

surf Bali adventure
Talking about these products, surf zinc and sunscreen do not contain chemical elements, the only difference between them is their consistency. Physical sunscreens are easy to apply and also easy to rinse, but surf-zinc is, due to its density, is harder to apply (way too hard sometimes) and twice harder to wash off. That’s why it has become surfers second skin: none of surfers would be interested in easy-to-wash-off sun protection. Also it should be noted that for physical sunblocks can be used not only zinc oxide, but also titanium dioxide. We also will talk about difference between them.

How does it work:

Chemical suncreams, the action of which is based on absorption ultraviolet by chemical elements, mineral sunblocks reflect it with physical (natural)  filters. That’s why it can be applied when you are already on the beach, because this “mask” begins to act instantly.


  • With surf zinc you can go surfing for about 2 hours or even longer without replying sun protection. Of course it depends on quality of a product.
  • No hormonal or other chemicals that can affect your endocrine system
  • After the application surf zinc leaves a trace on the skin, so when its color becomes less visible you know that you should reapply it
  • Want to bring color and brightness to your life or children want to have fun? Just look for blue, pink etc zinc – it’s not only about standard beige color!


  • Organic skin care don’t always fit organically into the budget, especially if you are accustomed to the mass production sunscreens before
  • Make sure you have enough scrubs and towels, because surf-zinc is really not that  easy to wash off

Zinc Oxide vs Titanium Dioxide

  • Initially, both of these elements are just a powder, but if the second one isn’t grinded enough, it begins to produce free radicals that are harmful for health, as you already know
  • Surf zinc blocks more of the sun’s ultraviolet rays
  • Zinc is safe for kids (older 6 months) and officially approved for using – that says it all.

So now you know why surfers prefer surf zinc and why it’s way better and useful than regular sunscreens! Take care about your skin and health in general and enjoy your surf Bali adventure and the sun, but carefully!

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