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The hottest surfer girls around the world

Surfer girls is a one more proof that girls only look weak, but besides they are strong inside. Some people associate “ surfer girls ” with a phrase “women drivers”, but it’s completely wrong. Surfer girls perform a great transformation: you see pretty lady on the beach that 5 minutes later turns into a wave mistress in the line-up. Besides euphoria and a lot fun surfing for girls is a great opportunity to get an amazing body and be tanned 365 days a year! So who are these surfer girls, whose bodies is a great motivation for all the girls around the world and make women surfings interesting to watch for guys?

Quincy Davis

surfer girls

Quincy was born in 1996 in New York. Growing up in the family of surfers, by the age of 12 she was fully in love with surfing and her unconditional love to the ocean was being sponsored by Volcom. Quinsy also in interested in style and fashion design, so in 2010 she presented to the world a capsule collection, that was a result of her collaboration with Volcom. 3 years by raw she has won a prestigious surf contest – Corona Pro.  Davis likes active lifestyle, snowboarding and jog are her favourite things to do.

Seems like she is talented enough, but we have one more thing to tell about her. She is extremely beautiful: her body and model face are deserved to be admired. Golden hair, her glance, perfect skin and Hollywood smile became her business card for photographers and world famous cosmetic companies.

Sage Erickson

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This 27 y.o. Girl from USA conquers not only the waves, but men’s hearts as well. The first fact is proved by WSL ranking, the second one – by a lot of polls, made by surf magazines and men’s magazines like Playboy, for example. More than it, in 2014 she was #87 of the TOP-100 hottest women in the world, that poll was provided by famous Maxim magazine. The rare thing, that despite of her magnifying beauty, when she surfs, everyone is looking at her as a professional surfer, not like just a beautiful girl catching a wave (sorry, Alana). When she was 9 y.o. Sage moved with her family from California to Hawaii, that’s where the story of her career begins. Last year her results during WSL competitions made Sage one of the best 10 surfer girls in the world. No doubt this wonder woman is one of the best surfer girls!

Victoria Vergaga


Victoria was born in Reunion Islands 23 years ago. Despite a lot of views, likes and shares of her videos on Youtube and Facebook, she’s not so popular in Instagram. She tried surfing for the first time at the age 4, 11 years later she has officially become professional longboarder. As soons as it happened she got her first official sponsor- Roxy. After a few advertising campaigns this long legged beauty was offered dozens of contracts with different clothing brands and model agencies in Paris.  

In one of the interview Victoria said, that she never felt  comfortable in front of cameras, and she feels herself more as a surfer, than a model. Surfing for her will be always the number one, but since it’s harder to make a career for a longboarder than for a shortboarder, she’s just having fun and wants to be a better version of herself as a surfer without depending on any rankings. Victoria has two passions – dancing and surfing, so longboarding is a perfect way to do both at once.

Laura Enever

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The smiley blonde was born in Australia in 1991. After her first time surfing at the age of 4, she realized, that it’s way more than just surfing for her. 6 years later her parents sent her to gym classes, that made her surf progress even faster. So the point, that she won the world title among juniors twice, was pretty predictable. She always knows what she wants and never stops until she gets it.

The better her career is, the more popular Laura becomes. Her contagious laughter and spontaneity, easy-going personality made her one of the most charming girls in the world of surfing.

The youngest pincess of surfer girls, Tia Blanco

surfer girl

Tiara (Tia’s full name) just turn 20 in May, but her achievements are very impressive. When she was 3, she had her first surf lesson, 9 years later surfing became a real profession for this young lady. Nowadays she in TOP-50 surfer girls in WSL ranking, won the second place at ISA, #2 in on the list of the hottest surfer girls by Surfer Magazine opinion, had a photoshoot for Playboy magazine and popular vegan-food blogger in Instagram. Tia also a big fan of yoga and meditation, and really wants to take over the world of surfing.


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