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Surfers lifestyle: what helps you to surf better?

What’s true surfers lifestyle like? First of all, true surfers lifestyle is based on good nutrition, physical exercises and breaking bad habits (no cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, of course). If you prefer to eat junk food with a beer for lunch every day, smoke and like parties, that means surfing is far away from your priorities list. And not only surfing, by the way, because unhealthy living affects on all the parts of your life – business, family, relations with friends and other people. Only cats have nine lives, but humans have only one so no point to waste it. So if you want to be happy and healthy, if you’re interested in your life and surfing, here are some simple and essential advices how to go right.


surfers lifestyle

Of course, the most part of surfers daily meals is consist of salty water. But when you are out of water, you are able to choose what you actually want. In general, not talking about surfing, having a slim and healthy body, you should remember, that it depends on 30% your physical activity and 70% healthy eating. Some people think, that they can eat whatever they want, then go to a gym/fitness center and spend there more time than usual and stay fit. Well, maybe they won’t get fat for now, but their body will remember this stress and pay back later on. More than that, their body will never be up to feeling the right way.

Nutrition part of surfers lifestyle is totally formed on the ratio of consumed proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Why it’s the most important thing:

  • Proteins are important for muscles growth and the entire body
  • Fats are a source of energy, contains fatty aicids, that are good for your health and help to transport fat soluble vitamins (that won’t work on you without fats)
  • Carbs – also is a source of energy and good mood, useful for useful for the cardiovascular system (we are talking about complex carbohydrates – cereals, fruits, etc., not about refined sugar)

The best ratio of consumed proteins, fats and carbohydrates for surfers is 40%-20%-40%.

Besides that you should:

  • Eat fruits and vegetables
  • Drink enough water
  • Consume Omega-3 fish oil – consists of essential nutrients (of course, consulate with your doctor before taking it)
  • Try to avoid simple carbohydrates, such as cookies, chips etc.
  • Remember, strong diet (except situations, when you need it due to your health condition) will never help you to be healthy and strong. Spoil yourself sometimes, but remember the limits : )

Physical exercises

physical exercises for surfers

For sure, surfing is a good workout itself, but requires a lot of pre-surfing training, so you won’t wipe out as often during your first lessons. For experienced guys daily surfing can be enough to keep fit, but 90% chances they want to develope their skills and will surf same level spots all the time. It’s easy when you can’t live without daily activities and sport, that means that you don’t lose your tonus. But every type of sport, and surfing is not exemption, involves its own groups of muscles, that you should pay attention first when do exercises.

Fot surfers, first of all, it’s hands, back, upper body, these parts of your body you will use even before you will go to line-up. For standing up on surfboard, you should start liking burpees, it’s hard but 100% will help you in the water. The next important thing is your balance, so grab your balance board and book yoga classes! Jst to understand why exactly these things will help you to learn surfing easier, watch some videos of surfing lessons on Youtube and try to “stand up” on imaginary surfboard. Yes, it will be far far different from real surfing, but still you can feel at least some muscles that surfers normally use. And we have some news for snowboarders: if you think that if you snowboard, you can easy take a surfboard and paddle out – just book a trial lesson to understand how wrong you are : )

Surfers lifestyle vs bad habbits

surfing and smoking

Have you ever mentioned, that sometimes on Saturday and Sunday swell is good, but a line-up is half empty? If you haven’t that means you had a great night out with your friends. But when you drink, you do realise that perhaps the next day you will surf in bed all day. But the devil is in the details. One small cigarette – what can it do to you? And then another one and then one more… Meanwhile this little devil consists of about 4000 chemical elements, 70% of them caused dependence. You destroy yourself for no reason and invest in well being tobacco industry. It’s stupid, isn’t it?

Being able to hold a breath is one of the most important thing for surfers. That means your lungs should be clear and healthy. So if you smoke, it will be way harder for you than for non-smoker. Beside trashed lungs, as a bonus you get fluctuating blood pressure, slower motility and blood circulation. The last is a reason of a hair loss, early arthritis and other diseases. And this is just because of one cigarette, that one you smoke “just a few times a day”. Do you think this gamble is worth taking?



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