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The best places to learn to surf in Asia

if you still don’t know where to spend your holidays but definitely want to try surfing, we made a review about the best destinations for surfing Asia. Asia is a perfect place: ocean with warm water, beautiful beaches,affordable prices, easy visa rules and waves for all level surfers – from beginners to advanced. But not all the places in Asia have surf season all year around, and some places are good only for beginners or only advanced. So after reading  this article it will be easier decide for you, what countries are the best places to learn to surf in Asia due to your level, budget and interests.

Sri Lanka

Лучшие места для серфинга

Surf level: from beginners to advanced
Season: all year around

One of the best places to learn to surf in Asia. Everything is perfect there: ocean, splendid nature, nice local people and low prices for food and accommondation. If you are planning to come in november – march, go to the South East coast, if your vacation is during april-october, go to the East coast. When it’s high season during winter time, the most famous surf spot Hikkaduwa turns into a real party centre with a very nice surf community. To the South of this place there are few more surf spots: Midigama, Weligama and Mirissa. Midigama and Mirissa are reef breaks, so they are not so good if you just start learning, but Weligama is a beach break that is perfect for your first lessons.

From april till october you can surf around the East coast, to the city called Pottuvil or Pothuvil or Poththuvil, Ampara District. This place is not so touristy and doesn’t have a lot of parties, but surf spots are not so crowded and very good for more experienced surfers. The most spots are reef breaks, so forget about lessons on white water. Around the area are more than 7 spots,most popular among them are Pottuvil, Arugam Bay Main, Okanda, Crocodile Rock. The average waves size here is about 4-6 ft, but you can get some all year around. If you are brave and keen to have some lessons on a reef break, include this place to your plans.

The best places to learn to surf in Asia: Maldives

best places to learn to surf in Asia

Surf level: experienced and advanced
Season: march-october

Maldives is a country located in the middle of the Indion ocean to the southwest from Sri Lanka. The country consists of 20 attols, which are include thousands od islands. So due to it’s location, of course, it will be one of the best places to learn to surf in Asia. Best surf spots are located on the East side of atoll Male to the North and Sourth of the capital. In the dry seson (october-march) there are pretty bad surf conditions and you will spend all your surf trip sitting in your room. But from march till october you will have a lot of fun riding perfect 6 ft waves. And if you like extreme wait for july and august when you can enjoy waves up to 9 ft! The most if not to say all of spots are reef breaks and if you try to learn riding waves like these be ready that it can be your first and the last wave. That’s why you won’t see any surf school here.

Be ready that surf spots are located in the different parts of the island, so you will have to drive around or hire about. But the easiest option is to book a surf cruise, when you live on the boat or yacht, that take you to different spots. It’s more comfortable option because some spots you can reach only by a boat. Remember, that some spots located right in front of luxury resorts, so anyone who doesn’t stay there is forbidden to come to its territory.

Here is some public spots: Chickens, Cokes, Jailbreak, Ninjas, Honkey, Himmafushi, Tombstones, Guru, Twin Peaks and a few more. By the way Ninjas is the only one spot, where beginners can try their luck. And you don’t have to be ninja, the spot is called like that because it’s a favourite place of beginners from Japan, who sometimes overestimate their skills. So, in total, there is only one spot for brave beginners, and a lot of spots for average level surfers who wants to upgrade their skills as soon as possible.


Лучшие места для серфинга в Азии

Surf level: any level
Season: september – march

Philippines is a country, located on the islands and famous for its variety of spots, waves and good conditions for surfing in general. To make sure that it’s true you we recommend you to travel around few islands during your surf holidays. The capital of Philippines is located in Luson island, where you can surf on its East and West coasts. The East coast is better for beginners: there are a lot of surf schools, beach breaks and perfect waves for surfing. Best spots for level-up surfers are located from South to North of the island: in provinces of Zumbales, La Union and Ilokos Northe. For the note: the best spot for april – september is Zumbales, and for the october – march period better to go to La Union and Ilokos Northe. If you are advanced surfer you shout try spots Buler and Duet (Luson’s East coast). After a good storm in the Pacific ocean the surf is pumping there.

But will be not fair to mention and the other island, that are located in the East of the country, such as Katanduanes, Kalikon and the world famous Siragao. With a good swell the waves size there can be up to 12-15 ft. But unfortunately, the season of surfing here doesn’t last too long: only from september till december, but the epic surf is in september and october.

Siragao island is also popular for spot Cloud 9, that’s on the 8th place on thelist of the best surf spots in the world. Even the prestige Siragao competition takes place on this spot. If you like green rooms you can go to Cloud 9, Tuason Point, Quiksilver, Jacking Horse and Pacifico. Spots Dako beach and Cemetery can be good for learning, but only when the swell is small. These two spots are reef breaks so they still more dangerous, than Luson. Anyway, if you are desperately looking for a good swell, best times to go to Philippines is autumn and winter.


surf Asia

Surf level: beginners, experienced
Season: may-october

Of course, it would be strange to compare surfing in Thailand to surfing in Maldives or Philipines, but it’s still one of the best places to learn to surf in. Surfing there for discovered in Phuket in the earliest 1990s by expacts, who lived and worked there. And since then Thailand is still place popular for surving, and even some annual international competitions are holded there. The season for surfing is pretty short: just from may till october.

Among numerous beaches in Thailand the best places to learn to surf are Kalim, Kamala, Kata, Nai Harn, Surin, Pansea and Bang Tao. These beaches are reef breaks with waves up to 9 ft. Waves are pretty gentle that makes these spots perfect for longboarding. If you are not a beginner anymore go to surf spo Surin and Pansea, there you will find faster waves. In general, Phuket is one of the best places to start surfing. There are a lot of surf schools, surf camp, board rentals and good conditions. If you are more experienced, you should drive to the north of Phuket, the more you closer to the board with Mianme, the better waves are.


surfing Asia

Surf level: any level
Season: all year around

And finally let’s talk about the best places to learn to surf in Asia – Indonesia. Thousands of islands that confront swell, which comes from the south of the Indian ocean. Same swell makes happy surfers from Western Australia and South Africa. Why Indonesia is the post popular place for surfing in Asia and in the world? Because 1) this country is closer to ecvator, that has a big influence on a tide chart; 2) different types of breaks; 3) different spots that are good with different conditions – so you will always find where to have fun.

The best places to learn to surf in Indonesia are Sumatra, Jawa, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Mentawaii, Timor and over a hundred smaller islands with their own hidden surf paradises. Let’s make a short review about just a few spots surfers from all over the world love the most.

Nias is a little island located near the North of Sumatra. Perfect place for advanced surfers only. Famous for Lagundri bay and Sorake beach and their perfect 6-12 ft ‘green rooms’. To the south of Nias you can enjoy surf spots of Mentawaii islands. The main spots are on the south of Siberut island and Sipora island, most of them are reef breaks. The islands of Mentawaii are mostly for advanced surfers, but ifyou are not advanced yet you still can be lucky and find suitable spot for you. And if you missed surf cruise on Maldives, you can get this great experience here! Best conditions for surfing are from april till october.

South of Jawa is also will make happy surfers of all the levels. The main surf spot there is G-Land, that’s located in the southeast of Jawa, in the national park Alas Purwo. Advanced surfers will be happy to see perfect tubes, beginners can take a lesson at one of surf schools. But if it’s going to be your first surf lesson, we recommend you to start from Bali.

Bali is an epic place with more than 60 surf spots for surfers from beginners to advanced. If you come in dry season (april -november) – welcome to spots on the west coast, if you plan to visit Bali in wet season (december-march) – you are better to stay on the east coast. The main surf spots are concentrated on the south of Bali, but wherever you stay it won’t take too long to go surfing to any of them. Legendary spots like Uluwatu, Padang-Padang, Keramas attract world famous surfers every year. All the world famous surf competitions also take place at these spots. Don’t worry if you are not world famous surfer yet – you can start your sport career in Kuta or Canggu. And you can do it with Wave House team – stay at our surf camp in Canggu or take a lesson in our surf school in Kuta, our doors are open for you 365 days a year!


surfing Bali

No doubts, there are a lot of the best places to learn to surf in Asia. Take your first lesson in Bali or Thailand, keep on working on your sur leven in Sri Lanka, Maldives or Philipines and go to a surf trip around Indonesia. Surfing has no limits! Of course, besides the countries we mentioned above, you can take a wave in Vietnam, Taiwan, Cambojia, Japan, India… And it’s only the places that are already discovered! So travel, enjoy surfing and let’s open the whole world of surfing together!


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