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All about surf lessons in Bali

If you are planning to spend your surfing holiday in Bali, it means that you want to try or already have tried surfing. Anyway, if you are reading this article now, you still have some questions about surf lessons in Bali. You’re on the right track, because after this article you’ll have no questions, but only strong desire to come and join our surf team as soon as possible!

All about surf lessons in Bali with a surf school or camp 


If you’re going to a surf camp, you don’t have to think about how many surf lessons you need, how much money it will cost, etc. Everything is already planned for you and included in the accomondation price. Just come to our surf camp in Bali and our surf instructors will take care of the rest.  Next to administration you’ll find a timetable on the wall, where you can see all information about lessons and times,  your surf instructor for a lesson and who is going to surf with you. With Wave House you can have surf lesson in Bali by staying at our surf camps or booking 1 lesson or a 3 or 5 lessons package or surf tour in school in Kuta.

Theory part of a surf lessons

theory part

Surf lessons in Bali always include theory. If you don’t know basic rules of surfing the ocean will be very dangerous for you. Our couse includes 3 theory lessons, 30-40 min each (yes we are not going to make you a book worm). First of all, we will teach you to handle a surfboard, how to take off and stand up and explain surf safety rules to you and how to read rips, currents and waves.

After the first lesson on whitewater waves you’ll have an idea about the ocean and get more questions about surfing. That’s why the next lessons will be about waves, the types, where waves come from, you’ll learn basic surf terms, Surfing Etiquette and much more. The theory is very important and not boring at all: you just chill, listening to a surf instructor and  watch surf videos, so you can imagine what they are talking about. And later you will get even more information during your practice.

White water waves 

start surfing

White water waves are the best way to introduce you to the ocean. What does “white water waves” mean? It’s a wave, that breaks up and turns foamy “white water” – perfect for learning how to stand up, keep balance and ride this little funny wave until the end. As soon as you will be confident doing these simple moves (most of our students stand up after the first lesson), your instructor will show you how to make turns and paddle out. Our instructors are always near you in the water, ready to give you advice, push you for a wave to get the right speed and direction. For your first lessons in Bali we will take you to Kuta – the best spot for beginners in Bali. The groups are small: 3-4 students for one instructor, so he will be able to pay attention to everyone. The lesson lasts 2,5 hours and includes warm-up, surf session with 10-15 min break to take a breath and discuss your mistakes on the beach.

White water lessons are still not like real surfing, because it’s more like surfing on foam, but it’s the main step to learn how to read the ocean and get the bare basics down, so you can’t miss it. You’ll be ready for real surfing in the line up after maximum 3-4 surf lessons on white water!

Line up 

line up

Line up  is the place outside the breaking waves where surfers wait for taking green waves. Foremost, to get to line up you’ll have to paddle, because it’s not close to a shore and you won’t feel the bottom under your feet. Don’t worry, our instructors will paddle next to you, and will give you advice when to paddle out and stand up and push you to the wave – sooner or later you’ll feel this moment independently. The lessons are the same: 3-4 students for 1 instructor.

The other name for these lessons is “surf guiding”, because you will surf in different spots around Bali to get full insight into a surfer’s life. In dry season April – September we drive to surf spots in Canggu, Seminyak or Bukit all of these spots are on the west coast, in rainy season October – March we go to the east coast spots: Serangan and Nusa Dua.

Before every lesson we will give you detail instruction about every surf spot features, like what way to use to get to a line up easier, where to wait for a wave, how to paddle back to line up, etc. The more complicated surfing is, the more interesting.

Photo and video analysis after surf lessons

after surf lesson

We take photos of you and film you during the lesson. We make it for you so you can look at yourself from the outside and for us – so we can demonstrate your mistakes using material. It’s very important for improving your skills. Some photos will make you proud of yourself, some will make you laugh to tears, but you’ll keep learning, so your next photo shoot will be better and better.

Hopefully, now you have no more questions about surf lessons in Bali and you are already planning your trip! We always do our best to teach you to read the ocean and help you start surfing or help you to get better. Don’t forget: no pain – no gain! See you in a line up!

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