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Surf spots in Bali: where to go surfing around the island?

If you are interested in having as much fun as possible in Bali, surfing is one of the things you should try at least once. Surf spots in Bali are good for all levels of surfers, from beginners up to advanced level. Welcome to surfers paradise with waves the whole year round. If you come during a dry season (from April till October) you can catch your waves on the West coast: Bukit, Kuta and Canggu. If you come in wet season (November till March) you will find the best surfing in Bali on the East side of the island, and enjoy morning surfing on the West. We do not recommend Bukit as a surf spot for beginners, it is more safe to start surfing around Kuta and Canggu areas, or Serangan when it’s wet season.

Surf spots in Bali for beginners

Let’s start with waves for those who just have their first surfing lessons.

  • One of the best surf spots in Bali for beginners is Kuta beach. Kuta is the tourist center of Bali with the easiest spot around the island . Kuta beach is famous for its white water, where you can learn the basics of surfing and how to stand up on a board. Wave House students catch their first wave in Kuta beach. If you are more experienced just paddle a little but further away, and ride lefts and rights. The key point is the relative safety of this spot, because unlike most of the Balinese surf beaches, it’s a beach break with sand bottom. You will be surrounded by people who make their first steps into the world of surfing.
  • Next step after Kuta is Batu Bolong, that is located in the Changgu area, close to Wave House surf camp. Waves here are bigger than in Kuta, but soft and good for those who just stood up on a board. Most of waves here are left, but you can catch few rights as well. Next to Batu Bolong you will find Old Man’s spot, it’s also good for those who decided to keep on learning surfing. Both of waves are perfect for longboarding!
  • A good place for the first steps of your surfing adventures can be Padang Padang beach, that is located on the south of Bali, on the Bukit peninsula. There are two waves: so-called ‘kids’  Padang Padang, and Padang Padang for pro. Do not try to conquer the last one – sometimes even professional surfers can’t do it. But the first one will be pretty suitable for you. The right wave is rather short, but cool for beginners. The left is a little but more difficult, but after some time you will manage how to surf it.
  • Another good and quite surf spot is Jimbaran beach, where we take our students to when surf is big.
  • All surf spots in Bali that are mentioned above are good during a dry season. When it’s winter (wet season) better to go to Serangan or Nusa Dua when surf is not too big. Bukit is a good place with few surf spots, but not so good for beginners.

Surf spots in Bali for progressive surfing

surf spots in Bali

There are so many places to surf for more experienced surfers in Bali that it’s like an embarrassment of riches. Let’s have a look at the most famous of them.

  • To the south from Batu Bolong in Canggu area you will discover Berawa beach. This spot is a beach break and bigger left and right waves. Our surf camp is located just within 2 mins drive from Berawa surf spot.
  • To the north from Berawa you can catch some good waves at the famous Echo beach. This spot is more difficult than Berawa, and good for experienced surfers. It’s a fast breaking beach break with left and right waves, so you will have an opportunity to go in different directions.
  • Balian spot is located to the north from Canggu and will please you with left waves. For those who surf not the first season, Balian will be awesome with famous big right wave, but it’s pretty slowly so you cant improve your surfing without too much danger. We organise surf trips to Balian when conditions are good for it.
  • Further from Balian you can go surfing to Medewi. Here you can try the longest wave in Bali. This left wave is pretty soft and lasts few hundrets of meters, so you won’t be disapointed.
  • Surf spots in Bali will make anyone happy. If you want to try something different you can try Airport reef. This spot is super close to Ngurah Rai International airport, so you will get surfing with unusual view.  These are two different left and right waves, located in a short distance from each other. To get there you will need to rent a boat from locals, or you can try to paddle out if you are strong enough. The waves here are not too hard and not that croweded as at the most of Balinese spots.
  • Spots on the West coast of Bukit are considered as places for more professional surfers. However, even here you can find something that you will be able to do. Try a beach break that’s called Dreamland. Depending on conditions, you might be able surf both left and right waves.
  • When waves are not too big you should go to Balangan, that is also located on the West coast in Bukit.  It’s a reef break with long and fast left wave. But don’t forget to check a tide chart – sometimes it becomes very shallow.
  • If you are in the island of Gods during winter time, better to go for some waves to the east coast in Nusa Dua area. Check Black Stone, Mushroom Rock and Sri Lanka, it’s ideal places for surfing and spending the wet season. They are very close to each other, just within walking distance with a surfboard in your hands. This surf spot is not that busy so you can ride more waves and improve your surfing faster.

Surf spots in Bali for experienced surfers

Bali surf spots

These are the spots that made the island of Bali world famous for its surfing. These places are the reason why the best sportsmen from different countries come here to surf. However, if you are ready to conquer one of  waves, you should make sure that you surf good, otherwise it can end up with some injures. Most of spots are located on the Bukit Peninsula.

  • Uluwatu  is perhaps the one of the most famous wave in the whole Indonesia, a synonym for surfing in Balinese. It is located on the West side of the Bukit. Here was made a lot of professional surf videos and this is why: surf is pumping at this spot almost every day when it’s summer time. So if you want to visit a green room you definitely should go there. The spot can be divided into three main spots (from left to right) – Temple, Peak and Racetrack. The main dangers of this place are crowds, reef and not the easiest way back to the shore. You will have to deal with rip current and swim through the cave, otherwise you will be carried away and you will get back to te line up you just have left.
  • Hardcore Padang Padang is always pumping when swell comes to Bali. Short 50 metres tubes with perfect color will become your addicition in no time. If you are brave enough and surf experienced this wave is waiting for you. Reputation of this place is perfect: Billabong Pro championship takes place in Padang Padang that makes the spot as good as Teahupu in Tahiti. The dangers are the same like in Uluwatu: reef and other  surfers, who came to try their luck.
  • Not far away from Padang Padang you can try surf spot Bingin with its left wave. This place has one awesome thing for surfers: if you like tubes, Bingin will become a paradise.  The bad things is that it’s a reaf break and not enough place to take off. So surfers are knocked together, and atmosphere is not that friendly sometimes. But for some people these problems are miserable and not reasonable enough to miss surfing Bingin.


surfing in Indonesia

  • Nyang Nyang beach is located on the southwestern edge of the island. If it’s flat there,  it’s flat everywhere around Bali. It’s a right wave, but when surf is bigger you can surf a left one as well. It’s one of the most empty line ups, and there are several reasons for that. Fast closing sections, rip currents and rich underwater world just scare some people away. And one more little moment: it will be 700 steps that separate you from the beach.
  • Rainy season? if you are advanced rider check Keramas. Mostly right waves provide excellent opportunities formaking different maneuvers. Unlike most waves, it works better when tide is high, but be careful of rip currents if surf is big.
  • Wet season brings up some good waves for advanced surfers to the south of Bali. Green Ball is a good fast right wave. You might think you can get something on the left, but rip current will hardly allow you to do that. Even this spot is not the nearest spot on the island, it’s never empty almost the whole year round. When surf is flat this spot becomes easier for beginners.

You should know that  same surf spot can be different every day. Sometimes Uluwatu can look like white water, and the next day Kuta beach can be too difficult for beginners. In this article we described the main spots around Bali, but of course you can discover more and more. Never stop learning and exploring and you will achieve progress you couldn’t even imagine.


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