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Bali surf holiday prices: how much does it cost to surf?

The more people get involved themselves into surfing, the more are curious about Bali surf holiday prices. The most popular questions are about prices for surf equipment, surf lessons, camps and trips. As for anything all the pricetags are depend on a brand and quality. Of course, to get something with a good brand written on it you will have to pay more. But brand most of time means quality and we can’t deny it. So in this article you will find the answers on all the questions!

Bali surf holiday prices for lessons

surf lesson

As “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, surfing starts with the first lesson. Here you have few options:

  1. Take a surf lesson from a beach boy – a lot of locals are more than happy to help you with it. The average price for 1 lesson is about $30-35 USD per person, but most of times it’s negotiable. The only one problem is that most of locals are good surfers, but not of them are great instructors. It’s very important to be able to share your knowledge and to find individual approach to every student.
  2. Option #2 – a surf school. There are a plenty of surf schools in Bali for different levels that provide private, semi-private or group lessons. The more lessons you take, the less you pay for one lesson. For example, if you take 5 lessons at Wave House surf school it will cost you about $39 USD per lesson plus professional instructor and photo- or video- analysis after a lesson. The groups are consist of 4-5 people. What is included behind the main part: transfer to a surf spot, soft drinks, surf gear rent, surf clothes and towels. In the end you will get advises from instructors, that will make you further surf journey easier.
  3. Individual surf lessons. Yeah, it’s more expensive but you get 5 times more attention anyways. $78 USD and certificated (which is important) surf instructor is fully dedicated to you!
  4. Option #4 is a surf guiding. It’s same suitable for those who’ve surfed before and for those who haven’t. The main purpose of surf guiding is to show you the best surf spots around Bali for your level and make sure it will be effective. After a drive to the choosed sport our guide will tell you all the sneaky details about the place and will go for a ride with you just to make sure theory turns into a fun and safe practice! Bali surf holiday prices for a guiding start from $49 USD (all depends how many people are in).

Surf camp prices

Bali surf holiday prices

A surf camp is a combination of a hotel and a surf school. You just book a bed in a dorm room or the whole room, and lessons already will be included in cost of living. You live and explore island with other guests, go surfing every day with professional instructors. All transfers to spots are already included as well. Wave House surf camp offers different type of rooms, a bed in dorm room for week in Wave House costs just $360 USD, for 2 weeks – $650 USD. The longer you stay the less you pay per a week and the more you surf!

Prices for surfboards

surfboard rent

Feeling like don’t need an instructor anymore? Make sure you are ready for this! If yes – oh well, time to rent one or to buy one!

Surfboard rental in Bali. Rule #1: the longer you rent it out, the less you pay. Starting from $4 USD and so on you can rent a board and enjoy yourself but deal with coincidences. It can be old, fixed liked 100 times or just ‘not yours’ – that feeling when you can get along with a board.

Buying a surfboard. If you want to have your own surfboard you can get a new one or favoured one. There are a lot of surf shops in Bali, where you can find a board with a shape and colour of your choice. Price for a new shortboard starts from $400 USD, it all depends on the brand. Prices for longboard start from $700 USD. Also you can order a custom board with your own dimensions and name on it, prices are pretty much the same but it’s not so easy to find 1) a cheap shaper, 2) a good shaper.

A favoured board can cost you just about $200 USD (it’s a reasonable price for a normal one). But you can find a super used one for even $50 USD.

Bali surf holiday prices for gear

surfing gear

  1. A surfboard is not the only one thing you will need for to surf. If you are not going to surf naked you will need swimwear. Boardshorts/bikini by a famous surf brand will cost from $40-50 USD. Lycra that protects your skin from sun burn or rush will cost $30-40 USD. For cold water you will need a wetsuit: jacket will be about $50 USD, springsuit – $100-150 USD, full wetsuit – from $250 USD. All prices depend on thickness of  a wetsuit and its brand. If you want a custom wetsuit be ready to spend $500 USD at least.
  2. Also you will need a leash and a pad, $20 USD each. Don’t forget that every surfboard needs a wax, that’s just about $5 USD. Surf wax lasts at least 2 weeks if you surf often.
  3. Fins. You can get a cheap set of 3 fins for $50 USD or good ones, like Future fins, for $150 USD. A single fin is about $100 USD.
  4. A board bag is a must have for Bali surf holiday. A simple board ‘a sock’ is necessary for short trips just to keep your board away from the sun. The ‘sock’ is about $15 USD. Bigger bags for airplanes cost from $100 USD. Board bags with wheels are the most expensive – prices start from $200 USD.
  5. Sun protection is the last but not the least on a list of surf prices. Sun creams cost from $5 USD. Most surfers use special surf zinc – $10 USD for a small tin.

Surf prices to get your board fixed.

Yes, bad things happen sometimes, boards break bumping into each other, rocks and when you surf reef breaks. Just to fix a small ding you will be charged $5 USD minimum. If you snap your board in halves, be ready to pay $100 USD and more. You can save your money and fix a ding if it’s not too bad by yourself, just get solarez – from $7 USD.

Bali surf holiday & trips around

surf prices

Do you feel like you got over Bali? Go to a trip around Indonesia! Surf prices for tours are very different. The further you go the more you pay on flights, cars etc, but more often you can save some money there on accommodation and food. The nearest destinations from Bali surf holiday are Lombok, Gilli islands, Nusa Lembongan, Sumbawa. Surf prices over there are relatively cheap – from $100-150 USD for a week. Trips around Sumatra, Mentawaii and other islands will be up to $700 USD. And of course dream surf spot – G-Land.

G-land is a reserve on the island of Java with perfect waves. Spot is not crowded, because surf camps guests can travel around that area. But for this dream spot you will need some money: 3-days”all inclusive” tour to G-land costs from $620 USD, for 6 days – from $800 USD.

Bali surf holiday prices are not cheap at all. At the first place you need a board, then to find a good surf school or camp. To surf better and to try more different waves you will need to travel for a bit. Then all the surf accessorizes, dings repair, clothes will definitely suck some money out of your pocket. But in exchange for that you will get priceless emotions and rich life experience!


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