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Surf spots in Bali: OLD MAN’S

Why Old Man’s?

As soon as you will feel that practiced enough on Batu Bolong waves just walk 5 min to the north to try the famous Old Man’s surf spot. It will take just 10 mins by drive from Wave House surf camp to get there. Old Man’s surf spot will be to much for beginners but little bit boring for experienced surfers, so if you feel yourself in between go and try it! Also Old Man’s is on of the most perfect spots around for those who love longboarding.

old man's


  • Type of break- Reef break
  • Wave direction- Lefts and rights

Best conditions for surfing:

  • Best swell- 3-8ft, southwest
  • Wind direction – northeast

It’s a good spot to keep on learning surfing after Kuta. Waves are friendly, fat and not so fast. It is also the best location to try surfing your first reef break! The best thing is a current that will help to get to line up, but on the way back you should be ready to make some effort and paddle, paddle, paddle.

Rights often make the barrels, although they shut down fast. Stay close to the foam ball to maximize your ride. Lefts are quite long and continuous. You can easily ride all the way to the shore.

This location is perfect for taking the first steps in reef spot surfing. This spot is good after Kuta because Old Man’s waves allow you to take some time to get into the right position. Although catching a wave might require active paddling.

How to get here:

move towards to Echo beach from the break road more famous as a ‘Short cut” and follow the traffic. In the end of short cut turn to the right and move till the intersection and then turn the first turn to the left. Then straight for 2 mins and as soon as you will see Old Man’s (party place) you can park your bike here. You can surf in front of Old Man’s spot that’s called Batu Bolong (easier then Old Man’s spot). Or right before club turn one more to the right and on the left side you will see Old Man’s surf spot. Sounds a little bit hectic for the first time but you will sort it out as soon as you get there : )

Old Man’s on Google map – here

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