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Are surf holidays for singles or for couples?

Surf holidays for singles vs surf holidays for couples! It would seem that a surf couple is a romantic utopia, that is consist of love, ocean and surfing, of course. Partly this is true. But this is only one side of the coin, because like everything in this world it has its own advantages and disadvantages. Most of the benefits are obvious, but on the hidden side of being a surf couple you will find not only pros, but cons as well. So read this article and figure out how it feels to be a part of a surf couple: is it a natural disaster or a reference union?

Surf couple as perfection & bliss

surf couple

  • Mutual interests, and one of it is surfing. Surf couple can be described as a love triangle pretty much, but noone gets hurt. You both live with oceans rhythms, understand surf slang and will never say to each other “you spend too much time on surfing”. No matter what is it, surfing or reading or something else, just remember, when you have something in common about your hobbies, you minimize amount of your argues and fights. You literally understand each other more.
  • Romance free of charge. To be a romantic person you won’t have to spend money on candle light dinner, booking weekend in Paris, spend tons of money in jewellery of flower shops etc. For two surfers there is nothing more adorable than catching first sun sitting in the water together waiting for a wave.Or doing same things during a sunset. Even if surf is flat you still can sit on the beach and enjoy nature. For free.  
  • Talking about presents… If you surf couple it’s way easier! Forget about running around the shops while trying to read your partner’s mind what she or he wants. Perfumes, toys, jewelleries, ties and a lot of other things just not so necessary any longer. But the box of zinc, new leash, wetsuit, surf trip and anything about surfing is always be a must.
  • Surf couple is a team. It’s support, help and all other feed backs you can get from your best surf instructor, doctor and partner in crime, free of charge again! You hardly ever drop in each other, and ladies will always go first! Because she is his lady and he is her gentleman.
  • Surf photos and videos now are a part of your family album and good portfolio for your instagrams. And again and again, you can save your money doing all the photoshoots. More than it, if you have a good camera and at least basic skills with making photos, you can be a personal photographer for your loved one. Because surfers know when a good shot is coming!
  • Registry office? Nope. A wedding on the beach by the ocean? Dope! Even it is going to be kind of a wedding for three, because you can’t ignore the ocean. What is included in a surf couple wedding package? Unlimited romantic, ocean & beach decorations,a lot of your surf buddies and… epic afterparty paddling out all together after ceremony. Because you are not a surf couple anymore, you are a real surf family!

Why some people think, that surf holidays for singles are better

surf holidays for singles

  • Lack of private space. For some people, especially guys, surf holidays for singles means time with their own with ocean without a “third wheel”. And yes, it’s kind of like to take your girlfriend fishing or to take your boyfriend shopping with you. Sounds weird, huh?
  • Competition. Some people can be shocked by this fact, but sometimes it happens. For example, for a lot of guys the point that a girl gets more pain is embarrassing, so when a girl surfs better. It just feels wrong.
  • And let’s talk about romance again. When your partner wants to go to a restaurant but you are going surfing and vice versa. Or when you want stay in bed a little bit longer, but your loved one already is looking for a wetsuit. And, to be honest, sometimes you want to get a perfume instead of new fins.
  • If you live together, you probably already share a shampoo, shower gel etc. If you think that it’s annoying just try to imaging when you can share even more to share, like zins, wax, leashes, GoPro and other surf accessories – sounds like ‘surf holidays for singles’ is correct, huh. Get ready to know “Early bird get the worm” to make sure you will get what you needed for a surf session. 

To sum everything up, we would like to add that, of course, it does not matter whether you are surfers or snowboarders, or perhaps you just have a daily run to your office and back, the main thing is to be able to find compromises and respect the wishes of your partner. Make yourselves today better than yesterday and do not idealize others! Wish all of you limitless, like an ocean, love to everyone!

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